Top Movies in 2021

Top Movies in 2021

Whenever you visit Malaysia you'll likely feel as if you're home; it doesn't matter what nation or continent you come from- you can always count on Malaysian hospitality. But there's more; whenever you visit this Asian country, you can enjoy the country's rich heritage, visit many breathtaking places and enjoy delicious food. You won't find anything like this elsewhere- and the best is yet to come.

Have you ever enjoyed a virtual movie night with friends and family on the flanks? There's a long list of iconic Malaysian movies that will undoubtedly be worth your while. Many of these tackle historical events that most people can easily identify with. Let's find out:

Sergeant Hassan: This movie stars the iconic actor P Ramlee. The film is set back in the World War 2 era. In the plot, you'll follow one Hassan, a civilian who dreams of being a part of the Malay Regiment. But his father and brother have other plans. Undeterred, Hassan is determined to prove his close family wrong- the young man escapes and joins the army. He works extra hard and eventually earns the coveted title, becoming a Sergeant in the Malaysian army.

Pulang: The movie, Pulang is generally inspired by a true story. This is one movie that has gradually caught the attention of many fans. It's a film that carries fans to a heart-wrenching adventure featuring love, family, and sacrifice. We have to fast-forward and move to 61 years later. At this point, a certain young man happens to discover his grandfather's fate. The grandfather had earlier promised the grandmother that he would return home after sailing far away to seek a hidden fortune. As soon as the young man hears about the incredible nostalgic tales of great fortune, he decides to go on a relentless search for his grandfather. He doesn't rest until the mission is accomplished.

Hati Malaya (1957): In this movie, you can follow the adventure of four Malaysians who receive an assignment to curate a picture book; the book graphically depicts the momentous events of 1957. As they proceed, the young men soon find themselves thrust deep into these events; they plunge into the moments and experience of the characters; they do this while engrossed in discovering the true meaning of national independence.

Ola Bola: Many agree that soccer has its charm; it brings people together. Consider Ola Bola. The young man is intrigued by the Malaysia national football team's series of victories in the 1980's decades. Ola Bola, the inspiring movie, takes fans through a series of events marked by flashbacks. The story unfolds through a reporter's perspective and a series of flashbacks. The action depicts the events that characterized Malaysia's preparation for the 1980 Olympic games. The Olympics makes everyone set aside their differences. The momentous event reaches a climax when a single goal unites the entire team and nation.

The Big Durian (2003): This was the first-ever Malaysian movie to be shown at the famous Sundance Film Festival. The Big Durian, directed by Amir Muhammad, initially generated a mixture of controversy and acclaim. This is a most daring docudrama. The film documents the events that occurred on the night of 18th October 1987. At that time, a rifle-toting soldier went amok, running around the Kuala Lumpur capital city; it caused a considerable panic all over the city. The Big Durian, a film that was quite ambitious in scope, gave Amir Muhammad a golden opportunity to highlight the raging divisions in the 1980s Malaysia.

The Journey (2014): The film, the Journey, made in 2014, is regarded as Malaysia's most-engrossing film. In photo. The film is directed by Keng Guan Chiu. This movie features the clash that occurred between a traditional patriarch and one of his daughters. The daughter decides to get married to a Caucasian husband, and the father is greatly displeased.

Notwithstanding, the couple makes a long road trip in order to deliver the wedding invitations. It doesn't matter that the fiancé does this with a measure of reluctance. But while still on the way, the romantic couple discovers a much-surprising bond that helps them overcome the raging racial, social, cultural, and linguistic differences. The Journey is a film that promotes bonhomie and enhances mutual understanding and multiculturalism. It's an intimate movie that represents the uplifting celebration of both similarities and differences.